Wanderlust Creamery Sticky Rice + Mango Ice Cream

I have a weird fascination with food that tastes like other food — especially ice cream that tastes like other desserts. The holy grail of this niche category was Ben & Jerry’s limited-edition flavor American Apple Pie, which was vanilla ice cream with chunks of apple pie in it, and which tasted exactly like apple pie a la mode. So when I found out that Wanderlust Creamery in Venice has an ice cream that tastes like my favorite Thai dessert, mango and sticky rice — and just happens to be dairy-free and vegan — I had to try it.

The Sticky Rice + Mango ice cream contains rice milk, coconut cream, and mangos. Unlike with other non-dairy ice creams, I didn’t mind the strong taste of coconut because it actually makes sense in this flavor. The coconut cream makes it smooth, rich, and creamy — all qualities you want in an ice cream.

Would I rather have this ice cream or an actual mango and sticky rice? I think the real thing wins. But on a hot late-summer day, sometimes you just want ice cream, and this is a fantastic option for vegans and lactose-intolerant folks.

WANDERLUST CREAMERY, 609 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90291

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