Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt


I’ve tried a few dairy-free yogurts, and almost all of them have been inedible. In fact, I swore off trying any more after getting burned so badly. But I made an exception for Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt because I liked Kite Hill Dairy-Free Cream Cheese and thought maybe these folks knew what they were doing.

Unfortunately, no.

The “yogurt” looked promising when I opened it. Unlike Almond Dream and the flaxseed-based Good Karma, this one was white, not beige, and it had a smooth (though thin) consistency.


But when I tasted it, I was very disappointed. It has a pasty mouthfeel, leaving an unpleasant coating on your tongue. It’s sour, but that’s the most it has in common with real yogurt. And there’s an artificial aftertaste that doesn’t belong in yogurt — or any food, for that matter.

This just adds more support to my theory that almond milk does not make a good base for yogurt; I haven’t had a decent one yet. Coconut milk seems to do better, as in Coyo Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative. That’s still the only dairy-free yogurt I would recommend. But not all coconut milk yogurts are good, either. Stay away from So Delicious! No bueno!

I’ve learned my lesson: No more almond milk yogurts!


One thought on “Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt

  1. I disagree wholeheartedly! Just finished a tub of greek style vanilla kite hill yogurt andit is thick, smooth,creamy, dotted will vanilla bean flakes – and oh soooo good! No aftertaste for me, only delicious almondy goodness. I also think their cream cheeses are the absolute best on the market.


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