Kreation Cacao Pudding


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and for many people, that means one thing: chocolate. If you don’t eat dairy, this can be tricky. Luckily, these days there are dairy-free options that are delicious, decadent, and even healthy.

In the summer of 2015, Kreation Organic Juicery opened on West Third Street in Los Angeles, a few blocks east of the Beverly Center. Walking by during its grand opening party, I was intrigued by the open-air layout and grassy decor, but let’s be honest, mostly by the live sitar music and couples yoga demonstration in the middle of the dining area. Pretentious or awesome? I couldn’t decide.

It wasn’t until just a couple of weeks ago that I actually tried any of Kreation’s creations. They specialize in cold-pressed juices and smoothies, but they also make desserts, which they’ve given the cute category name “Saints & Sinners.” The saints are the healthy ones with no dairy or refined sugar. The sinners… well, let’s just say they probably taste great.


I went right for the Cacao Pudding, one of the saints. What makes it different from other dairy-free puddings? It doesn’t contain any milk substitutes. The ingredient list is short and a little surprising: dark chocolate, avocado, orange juice, cacao powder, cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup, Himalayan salt, cacao nibs.

Avocado? Orange juice? Really?

But I love how natural everything is, and the result is excellent. You’d never know there’s avocado in it, but I assume that’s what gives the pudding its thick, creamy texture. Genius. The sweetness comes from the orange juice and maple syrup. I have to say it’s a little too sweet for my taste, but I’m willing to forgive that because it’s otherwise really good. This pudding is so rich, it took me almost a week to finish it; after a few spoonfuls I would be satisfied. That is the sign of a fabulous dessert.

So, if you and your sweetie want to indulge in something chocolatey and guilt-free this Valentine’s Day, swing by Kreation and pick one of these up. And then maybe do some couples yoga in front of the other diners.


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