Peet’s Earl Grey Almond Latte


I don’t know about you, but all this cold, rainy weather makes me want hot beverages. My favorite coffee house is Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and their non-dairy milk selection includes soy and almond. That makes the decision easy for me, since I can’t have soy. Luckily, I love steamed almond milk; it produces a beautiful foam and its subtle nutty flavor is a great complement to coffee and tea.

Usually, my go-to drink at Peet’s is a decaf cappuccino with almond milk. But I recently tried the Earl Grey latte with almond milk and it was fantastic. I’m a big tea drinker, but I’m new to tea lattes. Chai lattes, perhaps the most popular tea lattes, are usually made from a powder rather than brewed from scratch. This is why I never get chai lattes — they don’t taste like real Indian chai.

But Peet’s Earl Grey latte tastes exactly as it should. The distinctive bergamot flavor that characterizes Earl Grey tea can sometimes be overpowering, but in this drink it’s not too strong. And the steamed almond milk makes it special — fancier than a cup of tea that I would make at home.

Of course, you must get it in a ceramic cup. When you order, tell the barista it’s “for here” and make sure they don’t go on auto-pilot and put it in a paper cup. (Some cultures think we’re barbarians for taking our coffee to go. In Paris, the only place you can get coffee to go is Starbucks. Seriously.)

So now I’m officially a fan of the tea latte. It’s nice when you want a drink with a milky foam but something with less bite than coffee. The Earl Grey latte is mellow and downright civilized.

Another one of Peet’s charms: retro mug with hippie logo.



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