Pieology Pizzeria


After falling in love with Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza in West Covina, my husband and I eagerly tried a similar “custom wood-fired pizza” restaurant called Pieology, located in an Azusa strip mall near my mother’s hospital. I was excited about it because they, too, have dairy-free cheese, a trend I heartily endorse.

Unfortunately, everything about Pieology’s pizzas is just a little lacking compared to Blaze. They offer fewer toppings, and their ingredients — particularly their meats — are not very flavorful. Part of the problem is that they don’t leave the pizza in the oven long enough to properly cook the veggies and sear the meat. Who wants to eat a pizza with almost-raw green peppers on it?

Note the undercooked veggies, not-quite-melted vegan cheese, and pale crust.

The crust is also woefully thin. I’m a fan of New York-style pizza crusts, but this crust is so thin, it’s more like a flatbread. It also tastes rather bland, unlike Blaze’s crust which has a nice doughy flavor. Cooking it longer might help, but probably not much.

As for the ambience of the joint, it screams “chain restaurant.” The air conditioning was turned up way too high, and they were already playing Christmas music two weeks before Thanksgiving when the weather was in the high 80s. This troubles me.

I’m all for pizzerias that have vegan cheese, but Pieology misses the mark.

PIEOLOGY PIZZERIA, 962 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa, CA 91702


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