BYOB Boba Company


Last week my mom had a stroke and has been in the hospital. The last thing I feel like doing right now is writing a blog post. But I know that writing is therapeutic for me, and sharing what’s going on in my life always feels better than pretending like everything is “normal.”

The hospital is in West Covina, and while visiting my mom there, I discovered a boba shop in a nearby strip mall. (I’ll admit that during times of stress, I sometimes reach for sugar, caffeine, and carbs. I’m not perfect — sue me.) What drew me in to BYOB Boba Company is the fact that they offer five different kinds of milk, three of which are non-dairy (soy, almond, and non-dairy creamer). Most boba shops I’ve been to don’t even give you a choice.

Hokkaido is a powdered milk that does contain dairy.

On my first visit, I ordered an oolong tea with almond milk, almond flavoring, and boba. It was pretty good, although too sweet — and I ordered it with 1/4 the sugar. The second visit, I ordered an OGMT (the barista explained this is the traditional tea used in boba tea) with almond milk, red rose flavoring, and boba. This time I forgot to ask for less sugar, and upon first sip I almost went into a diabetic coma and had to check into my mom’s hospital. But the staff was nice enough to re-make the drink for me, free of charge. It was still too sweet, but drinkable.


Bottom line: The drinks here are good, but way too sweet. They are also enormous; a small is the size of a cereal bowl. Fitting, since they even have a drink that contains Fruity Pebbles. If you’re into weird flavor combinations and drinks that are more like desserts, this place is for you.

Is this boba shop the best? No. But it provided comfort to me over the past few days. It’s always important to cherish the simple pleasures in life, especially at times like this.


BYOB BOBA COMPANY, 963 S. Glendora Ave., West Covina, CA 91790


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