Treats Frozen Yogurt & Dessert Bar

The day I visited Treats Frozen Yogurt & Dessert Bar, there was only one non-dairy option: the chocolate fudge sorbet. That made my decision easy. Luckily, I love chocolate. But weirdly enough, when I ate dairy I never liked chocolate ice cream. The only one I liked was Berthillion in Paris, France, because it was so rich it tasted more like chocolate pudding than ice cream.

Well, Treat’s chocolate fudge sorbet reminds me of Berthillion. It tastes like a really cold dark chocolate mousse. It has a sort of fluffy texture like mousse. But unlike Berthillion, which contains enough fat to make French women get fat, this sorbet is non-fat. That’s right, non-fat, non-dairy, gluten-free, and vegan. Pretty unbelievable.


The other stuff I like about Treats:

  • They have a variety of toppings, even some exotic ones like boba.
  • The ambience is clean and modern, but inviting.
  • They sell cool toys for kids, including some educational ones. And a shark clock!
  • They have a giant ice cream cone at the entrance that reminds me of the ones you see all over New York City.

What needs work:

  • The menu is confusing. Typeface is too small and hard to read.
  • They should offer more non-dairy desserts. At the very least, more non-dairy sorbet flavors.

Oh, and just a side note: Treats happens to be across the street from the Shaka Shack, a Hawaiian-themed burger joint that I love. Here’s the perfect summer day: boogie-boarding at the beach, followed by a Shaka Burger and truffle fries, then across the street for chocolate fudge sorbet and a hug from a giant ice cream cone.

TREATS, 1700 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405



2 thoughts on “Treats Frozen Yogurt & Dessert Bar

  1. Sounds delish! I am currently dairy-free AND sugar-free, which is a little torturous on the ice cream front, but I’m finding many ways to create delicious chocolate shakes at home that fit the restrictions and satisfy a hot summer day sweet tooth.


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