Kippy’s! Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream

For a long time, every time I’d drive by Kippy’s!, a hippie-looking non-dairy ice cream parlor in Venice, I would get excited about trying it, especially when I learned that they use coconut cream to make their ice cream. One day I finally went in. They let me try a taste of every flavor they had that day, and I didn’t like any of them. But I felt like I had to order something because they were so nice about giving me samples. Then the sticker-shock set in. There’s nothing worse than spending way too much money on food you are not enjoying. I respect what they’re trying to do here with the natural, organic, raw ingredients, but contrary to what their website claims, Kippy’s! does not taste like ice cream.

Why do people like ice cream? Because it’s creamy, right? The smooth texture is what makes ice cream appealing. Texture is incredibly important; if you don’t believe me, try eating a wilted salad or a soggy sandwich. Ice cream needs to be smooth. Kippy’s! is grainy. Especially the flavors that are sweetened with dates. Those are truly awful.

The texture of Kippy’s! non-dairy ice cream

Plus, the toppings they offer are super-healthy items like nuts and seeds, the kind of stuff you’d find in trail mix. There may be some folks who want this, but I’m not one of them. I’ll take my trail mix in trail mix form, not on my dessert. The closest thing they have to a traditional topping is a chocolate sauce that hardens like Magic Shell. As I was never a fan of Magic Shell, I did not partake.

What I don’t understand is why Kippy’s! is so popular. When I went, there was a line out the door. My guess is that people subconsciously believe you have to suffer to be healthy, and so they think grainy, flavorless ice cream is the best they can expect. Not true! There are much better dairy-free ice cream options, like Coconut Bliss and Ben & Jerry’s. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to walk into any ice cream shop and have a plethora of dairy-free choices. Let us dream.

KIPPY’S! ORGANIC NON-DAIRY ICE CREAM, 245 Main Street #3D, Venice, CA 90291


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