Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy P.B. & Cookies


My dream has come true! Ben & Jerry’s has come out with a non-dairy ice cream!

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was my favorite ice cream before I gave up dairy. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that this talented ice cream duo need to make a dairy-free ice cream, pronto. Well, lo and behold, they have made it so. As it says on the carton, “You dared us to go dairyless — & we did!”

So far they’ve released four flavors of non-dairy ice cream, and the one that begged me to take it home was P.B. & Cookies. It’s described as “vanilla with chocolate sandwich cookies & crunchy peanut butter swirls.” Basically, this is cookies ‘n’ cream with a little peanut butter to kick it up a notch.

With all this going on, it’s not really about the almond milk base. But I have to say, the base is fabulous. Creamy, smooth, vanilla-y. Ben & Jerry’s website explains how they developed this base and why it makes the best “blank canvas” for their flavors. I’ve been a big proponent of coconut milk-based ice creams, like Coconut Bliss, but it’s true that most of them taste coconutty, which is not always the desired effect.

As for the “palette” that graces this blank canvas, true to form, Ben & Jerry’s has filled this ice cream with all sorts of deliciousness. The “chocolate sandwich cookies” taste exactly like real Oreos. I’ve had a lot of cookies ‘n’ cream where it’s just pulverized cookie bits. With this one, it’s like they took whole Oreos, cracked them into a few pieces, and stuck them into the ice cream. You even get bite-sized bombs of cookie filling. The “crunchy peanut butter swirls” taste like bits of a Butterfinger bar. If this sounds like gilding the lily, then they’re welcome to gild away — because the result is amazing.


Just to let you know, this photo was totally staged. The truth is, I ate this stuff right out of the carton while sitting on the couch. Like Ally McBeal. But unlike Ally, I wasn’t depressed and bemoaning the state of my love life… I was filled with joy. Because my favorite ice cream gurus have finally done it: They have mastered the non-dairy ice cream.


One thought on “Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy P.B. & Cookies

  1. So glad to read that you weren’t bemoaning the state of your love life.

    Wicked fast turnaround (and great writing) on your post, Sweetie!

    xoxoxoxoxo 8)

    ___________________________________ Terse, misspellt and auto-incorrected… Must have been sent from my iPhone



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