Imuraya Coconut Cream Mochi

The most adorable dessert you’ll ever eat.

Now that it’s officially summer and over ninety degrees in Los Angeles, I’m going to be reviewing a lot of dairy-free summertime treats. Not eating dairy doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself!

From the first time I ever tried mochi ice cream, I was in love. A popular Japanese dessert often served at sushi restaurants, mochi is a rice cake about the size of a golf ball, filled with ice cream. But I never saw one that was dairy-free until now. Mochi + coconut ice cream = genius.


I found Imuraya Mochi at Ralphs, in strawberry, chocolate, and mango — not exactly “a variety of mind-blasting flavors,” as the box claims. (It apparently also comes in yuzu citrus and salted caramel). I tried the strawberry. It’s delightfully pink, and the dough is thick, soft, and chewy. It’s quite sweet and tastes a tad artificial, but not in a bad way… Sort of like how a grape Jolly Rancher doesn’t taste anything like a real grape. I’m really hoping Imuraya comes out with more flavors, namely green tea and lychee.

I’ve never been to Japan, but after watching the fifth season of Girls on HBO, I am obsessed with the idea of going to a cat café like the one Shoshana worked at, where, in my imagination, they serve these cute little mochi with delicate cups of tea, while an impassive Exotic Shorthair looks on from its windowsill perch.


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