Follow Your Heart American “Cheese”


That’s right, another blog post about dairy-free cheese… ’cause I found one that rocks! When I came across Follow Your Heart American Cheese at a Sprouts grocery store, I decided to give it a shot since I had a good experience at their health food restaurant in Canoga Park. The night we went there for dinner, I wanted coffee but didn’t want to have trouble sleeping. I asked our hippie waiter whether Teeccino, a caffeine-free coffee substitute, was any good. His answer was, “Well, some people like it. Personally, I like to drink real coffee, stay up all night, and have good conversations with people.”

But I digress. This blog post is about the cheese.

The first thing I love about it is that it doesn’t contain any weird ingredients. It’s not trying to make something (like nuts) into something it’s not (cheese). The main ingredient is coconut oil — simple and good for you.

I tasted the cheese straight up, right out of the fridge. Not so great. Definitely better melted, as I discovered when I cooked some up with scrambled eggs.


The flavor is mild like American cheese, and best of all, it has a nice smooth mouthfeel. No grainy or chalky texture. No artificial aftertaste. I was so excited that I started putting the stuff on everything.

My dairy-free alternative to the Egg McMuffin.
Image 4
Turkey nachos with square (but tasty) cheese.
Image 2
Grilled cheese and tomato soup make me feel like a kid again.

Note that when melting Follow Your Heart cheese, it doesn’t look melted the way a real cheese does. The little squares of cheese I put on the nachos never lost their square shape. The grilled cheese didn’t get that gooeyness like in a Kraft ad. I kept wondering if it needed more heat. But it was actually melted, and tasted so.

Big thumbs-up for Follow Your Heart American cheese. I’ll be getting this one again.


One thought on “Follow Your Heart American “Cheese”

  1. This sounds awesome! I would never think to try it but will give it a shot. Anything made of coconut oil is good in my book and I love me a grilled cheese sandwich!


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