Slicetruck Pizza

Slicetruck pizza with Daiya vegan cheese, sausage, and mushrooms

No discussion of dairy-free eating is complete without broaching the topic of pizza. Fortunately, more and more restaurants in L.A. are offering pizzas with vegan cheese. Slicetruck, a gourmet and insanely pricey pizzeria in West L.A., offers Daiya vegan mozzarella, a fairly decent substitute for real cheese.

What I love about Slicetruck is their high-quality toppings, e.g., organic vegetables, Niman Ranch bacon. Their homemade sausage tastes super fresh and fennel-y. The pepperoni is flavorful and not greasy at all. The hot garlic is so good it’s addictive. They also include a baggie of fresh basil leaves with each pie.

So much prettier with fresh basil.

What I don’t love about Slicetruck is the crust. They boast that it’s made from Kamut brand Khorasan wheat, and it does have a nice flavor. But it’s too thin to support the weight of the toppings, so you end up with a soggy mess. My husband likes their Grandma Pizza, a Sicilian style pie with a thicker crust. I’ve never been a fan of thick crusts, but I might have to try this one because it’s gotten such rave reviews.

As for the Daiya cheese, it won’t fool anyone. Vegan cheeses don’t melt the way dairy cheeses do. Daiya is also wetter than real cheese, not as viscous, which may be contributing to the structural collapse of the thin crust. I reheated my leftover pizza in a skillet in an attempt to make the crust crispier — utter disaster. Even with a little olive oil in the pan, the crust stuck to it and then disintegrated.

After reheating in a skillet – yikes.

Bottom line: I can’t give a thumbs-up for Slicetruck’s dairy-free pizza yet. Stay tuned for a review of their Grandma Pizza made with Daiya… coming soon.

SLICETRUCK PIZZA, 1523 S. Bundy Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90025


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